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    Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first

    Think of the search engines as a popularity contest. If other sites that the search engines like, link to you then you become one of the popular sites. We get you there through hard work and experience.

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    Free Technical Audit
    Enter your web address and email address in the form bellow and we will do an audit of your website
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    On Site Optimization

    We let the search engines know what your site wants to show up for by optimizing your site in the places the search engines are looking. We are not changing the look of your site just some code under the hood.

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    Links Optimization
    We all know links are important, but not all links are built the same. Google ranks sites based on trust, getting links from trusted sites makes your site more relevant.
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    Rank Tracking
    You cant understand your progress if you dont track it. We deliver a rank tracking report each month that is very detailed and shows exactly how your site is doing.
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    Social Media Marketing
    Our social media programs are run by a person with a decade of experience in social media marketing. We have been doing social media since before Twitter even existed.
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    Content Marketing
    Get the word out, thats the entire point of SEO & Social Media. We want to get your info in front of your potential customers. When you are the one they find over and over you get the business.

    You may ask what SEO
    is and why do you need it?

    To put it in layman’s terms SEO is simply the process of first telling the search engines what you are about and what you want to rank for, then going out and earning those positions.

    Why you need it is simple, Google is the biggest economic engine the world has ever seen. People make buying decisions based on Google searches every day and the percentage of those people who do grows constantly. If you are not on the first pages of the search terms relevant to your business, you are missing out on all of the business that comes from those searches. You are cheating yourself out of business growth by not taking action.

    Why Choose Me For Your SEO?

    I have been doing SEO for clients for over a decade now. Prior to doing client SEO I had always been a bit of a computer nerd who build my own website back in the late 90’s and started doing SEO then myself. It was the wild west and anything went. But as time went on a clear pattern started to emerge with Google and what they wanted. They want you to get your links from the highest quality sites, site that they trust.

    They want your linking to be natural, what they mean by that is natural behavior. Natural behavior to them of course is not necessarily natural behavior to the lay person. As I understood more and more the mindset of the people involved in their search algorithm I found found a surprisingly effective way of ranking sites and doing it in a way that met their criteria.

    My experience and constant testing will get you to the first pages that are relevant to your business.

    The Most Important Thing You Can Do is Take Action!

    Over these 10 years we have been contacted by a high number of business owners who were curious about SEO, but remained indecisive. Most of them eventually closed their doors. We were trained by the late Chet Holmes, who stressed that one of the key traits of successful business owners is Decisiveness. SEO is the key to effective advertising on the internet, which has quickly become the greatest advertising platform the world has ever known. It is time to take action and execute an SEO strategy.

    Our Capabilities

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    Google Partner Agency
    Being a Google partner means we have a better understanding of how to create an effective adwords, remarketing, video marketing and display advertising campaign thats both effective and efficient.
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    On Page Optmization
    I have optimized hundreds of sites for tens of thousands of keywords. I understand what works and what does not. I understand what information is miss information and what actually happens.
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    Local Listings Expertise
    I deliver local listings results every single day. I have taken people from the bottom of the listings to the top over and over again, I can do this for you.
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    Social Media Marketing
    My social media person has been doing social media marketing since before twitter even existed. We have a deep understanding of the social networks and how to get you noticed.
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    Page Speed Optimization
    Making your website fast is not just a good idea any more, its now a prominent ranking factor. The faster we can make your site the better it will perform in the search results.
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    We can drive all the traffic in the world but if the site does nothing to help you convert you will miss out on business. We help your site be more conversion friendly.

    We specialize in SEO for your Local Business

    The Local Listings Campaign at Katy TX SEO is all about getting you to rank in the Google Bing and Yahoo business listings. Very few people click on the more places link, if you are not in the top three you are not going to get business from the Business Listings.

    Is Your Website Smartphone Optimized?

    Not just by having a responsive site, but in site speed and actions that work on smartphones? When smartphones first came out only the high end of the market had them and it was ok for most businesses to not really cater to smartphones. Now though everyone has one and are doing most of their web searches on the phones. If your site is not properly set up for that you are going to miss out on sales your images need to be responsive and scaled, buttons need to work on phones and speed is absolutely vital. People live on their phones, dont miss out on that business

    How will this help my business?

    There are multiple searches each and every day for exactly what you offer. These people are looking for the solution to their problem, the solution that  you offer. They are describing your business they just dont know who you are. SEO gets you in front of those people who are looking for exactly what you do. By making your website show up for the terms that describe exactly what you offer those people convert at a much higher rate than any other form of marketing. Everyone wants inbound leads SEO delivers them.

    If you have never been on the first page of the search engines you cant imagine what it can do for you. There is a reason you are here, you know you need SEO, you just might not understand the importance it has for your business. You have already spent the time and energy to build your business, SEO can help you take it to the next level.


    It's Time to Take Your Social Media to The Next Level

    While most business owners do not use social media personally it is a great way to reach customers our social media program will post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google My Business on a daily basis. This helps your posts climb higher reaching a bigger audience. Our social media programs are run by a real social media expert with 10 years of experience in the US not some offshore junk.

    Create a good Google ad campaign that works!

    Being a Google Partner Agency means that I had to pass a myriad of tests to understand the Google adwords system in most cases better than the tier one support staff at Google.

    That means I am certified by Google to manage AdWords campaigns including specialized AdWords areas including Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Shopping, Video & Display Advertising and that I deliver significant enough performance to remain part of the program.

    We know how to set up your campaign so its not wasting dollars on irrelevant keywords that bring nothing to your business. The basic adwords setup will send you more irrelevant results than relevant

    Scheduling, is also important to a efficient campaign. Dos your business convert more when you are in and open? Don’t run adds when you are notopen!

    Location targeting is another important factors. If you are in Memphis you probably dont want calls from New York unless your customer base includes people in New York